Business Listing

Use this form to submit a new business listing to the Discover Katahdin App. Note: Chamber membership fees apply to an annual listing.
  • Example: For Moose Prints Gallery a tag line could be: "Wildlife and Landscapes of Maine's North Woods". Some businesses use something like "Since 1980". The Scootic uses "You're always welcome at the Scootic". Two Rivers Canoe and Tackle is "Four Season Sport Shop" or "More Than a Fishing Store". Best suggestion is to keep it short and on message.
  • A paragraph or two describing the business and offerings – upbeat message geared to promoting listing which can include a call to action. Example for Moose Prints: From life size moose images printed on artist canvas to photographs in birch twig frames, Moose Prints Gallery celebrates the wildlife and landscapes indigenous to Maine's North Woods through photography, gift items, and art. Much like a walk in nature, expect the unexpected when you visit Moose Prints Gallery.
  • These will be used as bullet points to emphasize the businesses greatest assets. This could be something as simple as plenty of parking, Free Wifi, close to the trails, newly decorated rooms. Items listed should be something your customers will value and that differentiate your business.
  • Assume the person is already in the closest town to your business.
  • Accepted file types: jpeg.
    Optional photograph: One quality jpeg image per listing that best showcases the business. Due to screen size image should be void of text, logos or other distracting elements. However, using a picture that has a business sign in it is acceptable. File size limit is 2MB